“From protocol to database lock – from sponsor to site - we’ve assembled a solution that produces efficiencies through its simplicity.”


Senior Vice President
Strategic Drug Development
PRA Health Sciences


PRA Vaccine Solutions combines our therapeutic expertise and experience with proven strategies and innovative approaches to vaccine research. PRA recognizes that developing new vaccines presents unique challenges, including recruiting large numbers of participants, managing cold chain shipping logistics for the investigational product (IP) and blood samples, and navigating the ever-changing public opinion and regulatory conditions within a limited timeline. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts enable us to foresee and address study challenges before they become issues. Our comprehensive vaccine know-how, coupled with the award-winning expertise of our vaccine’s partner – AMR - yields an incredibly smart solution to vaccine development.


When it comes to vaccine development, we believe that simpler is better. Whether it’s our approach to a global study, or strategies for study start-up, our goal is to make things simple for our sponsors. Through our vaccine partnership, we can provide a single start-up and contracting process that covers 14 sites. Within that group, a core team member acts as the single point of contact, simplifying and streamlining the startup and monitoring process which allows us to consistently meet or exceed enrollment expectations.


At PRA, we feel an obligation to ensure that studies are run as efficiently as possible. Our experience has taught us how to be efficient in the conduct of studies, and our partners mirror us. AMR’s “Core Team Process” is the methodology that helps us – together - bring efficiency to every step of vaccine development. From protocol to database lock – from sponsor to site - we’ve assembled a solution that produces efficiencies through its simplicity.


Although vaccines have directly impacted the decline and, in some cases, eradication of many infectious diseases and saved countless lives, we must not grow complacent in these achievements. PRA sees these achievements as the catalyst that pushes us forward to make even greater strides as we work hand-in-hand with our sponsors throughout the vaccine development life cycle. PRA’s Vaccines Solutions is designed to deliver rapid and predictable timelines and more cost-effective trials that bring effective vaccines to market not only for our sponsors, but also for the lives we touch around the world.



At PRA, we understand the unique characteristics and challenges of vaccine development. Our recruitment and retention expertise to accommodate rapid enrollment, combined with the right systems to make compliance easier, ultimately empower us to deliver clean and accurate data.  But it goes further than that – it’s our ability to execute and deliver on these key components,  that sets us apart.  Through our experience,  we’ve mastered the art of the efficient vaccine study.